Providing Professional Medical Staff in Berkshire, Bracknell

ComfortCare Medical offers a variety of medical staffing services, including the provision of qualified staff for palliative care services. Based in Berkshire, Bracknell, we also assist people with learning disabilities. Care homes who are short of staff shouldn’t hesitate to get in touch for dependable staffing services. We also supply live-in carers for private and council-based clients.

Supportive Living

Our nurses will attend the property, hospital, or care home based on an arranged plan with the client or council. This may be for a few hours, or days, a week, depending on the clients’ needs. We will carry out all the duties put into place for the client.

Palliative Care

As part of our palliative care services, we ensure clients are as comfortable and pain-free as possible within their home. We’ll help with all tasks in the domicile. Our nurses and healthcare assistants are trained to the highest standard, ensuring clients are cared for exceptionally well. The plan of care will depend on the client’s needs and requirements. Feel free to get in touch for an assessment that will allow us to design an appropriate plan of care.

Live-in Carers

Clients will receive an assessment that looks at their individual needs, and to assess whether they are compatible with the nurse who will provide their 24/7 live-in care. We want the client and the nurse to establish a supportive relationship. The nurse will carry out all duties that the client needs help and support with. Once the client has had their assessment, we will establish a care plan tailored to benefit them directly. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out more about the live-in care services we offer.

Assistance for People with Learning Disabilities

We offer support for clients, helping them to carry out their day comfortably and encouraging them to take part in as many activities as possible. We’re able to attend care homes, helping when staffing is short. We’re also able to provide these services to private clients.

Mental Health Services

We provide day-to-day mental health services. This could involve assistance on a one-to-one basis, or helping clients based in hospitals and institutions. Our nurses and healthcare assistants are highly trained in the field of mental health, and offer support at arranged times.

Get in Touch

Clients, hospitals, and councils interested in taking advantage of our caring, professional services shouldn’t hesitate to get in touch via telephone or our online contact form. We will arrange for an assessment to be carried out before providing a consultation that will inform our pricing and timing arrangements.

Contact us today, in Berkshire, Bracknell, to request professional staff for services including compassionate palliative care.